As you know, maintaining clean living conditions on your swine farm is crucial and contributes to swine health. But there’s also another way to encourage and maintain both swine health and profitability—adding probiotics, specifically SCD Bio Livestock®, to swine feed and drinking water. 

After all, keeping each animal healthy is essential for your bottom line. Sick swine usually stop or slow their eating and growing and may need an antibiotic shot. Not only are antibiotic shots stressful to the pigs, but they also need to be administered in a way that won’t cause the pig to later be rejected at the slaughterhouse. 

Incorporating probiotics like SCD Bio Livestock® into your swine operation is a simple, yet highly effective method to improve swine health, fend off negative health outcomes, and boost profitability. 

Probiotics for Piglet Growth Case Study

Why You Should Use Probiotics Like SCD Bio Livestock® to Improve Swine Health

It’s now understood that using antibiotics as growth promoters in swine feed is conducive to the emergence of more bacterial strains with antibiotic-resistant features. Translation: the bacteria that survive an antibiotic onslaught learn from this experience and then evolve defenses that make them even stronger and more resistant to antibiotics. Which weakens our ability to use antibiotics as a tool in fighting against disease. Used sparingly, after all, antibiotics can be life- and business-saving.

Probiotic use over time, however, has the potential to lessen the risk of antibiotic resistance. Which could help maintain livestock—and potentially even human—health. There are also numerous benefits in using probiotics, including improving the underlying microbial ecology of the animal and restoring it to one that is balanced and healthy. 

SCD Bio Livestock® is an all-natural, probiotic product containing a powerful blend of beneficial microorganisms. It equips your swine (and other livestock) with the best internal system to optimize the nutritional content of their feed and boost their defenses against stress and disease.

SCD Bio Livestock® is made via a natural fermentation process—e.g., it is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified. 

It is a concentrated product so only a small amount is required. This is the guidance for most livestock: add 1⁄2 -1 1⁄2 teaspoon (2-8 ml) SCD Bio Livestock to piglets feed or water, and 2-3 teaspoon (10-15 ml.) for adult swine. 

 The scientifically-selected probiotic strains in SCD Bio Livestock have been shown to: 

  • Lower pig sickness and/or mortality rate
  • Improve feed conversion
  • Reduce the amount of feed required per animal
  • Reach optimum market weight faster 

 Overall, as a result, swine farmers who use SCD Bio Livestock®, receive higher and quicker financial returns.

SCD-Probiotics-Bio-Livestock-All-SizesWhen to Feed Swine SCD Bio Livestock® for Optimum Swine Health

Our swine farming customers have found using SCD Bio Livestock® is most effective when given at three critical periods in the pig lifecycle:  

Pregnant sows: In the 3 to 4 weeks before the piglets are born, sows fed SCD Bio Livestock® improve their microbiome, which then exposes the piglets at birth and makes them stronger. 

Newborn piglets: In the first few days after the piglets are born, feeding them SCD Bio Livestock® directly into their mouths helps to prepare their microbiome. Ideally, this step is completed no later than the first 7 days of life as other studies have shown the microbiome in a piglet is more or less set within 7 days. We recommend 3 doses over the first 3 days of life to make it the least labor intensive. 

During weaning: On or around day 10, piglets can start to transition to some probiotic-enriched feed. Adding SCD Bio Livestock® to their feed helps strengthen them for the transition from the lactation phase into the nursery phase. As you know, when the piglets are removed from the sows, this can be very stressful: there is more dirt and a stronger ammonia smell from urine, both of which can lead to respiratory illness. 

Once piglets move to the nursery, our swine farm customers begin to apply another probiotic product—SCD ScentGuard™—in the piglets’ environment.


Learn More About SCD ScentGuard™ 

SCD ScentGuard™ contains specific microorganisms that are highly effective at completely digesting and removing certain types of gases–including the nitrogen (NH3) and ammonia gases found on hog farms. SCD ScentGuard also repopulates their pens with healthy bacteria to create a clean and healthy living environment for swine—all in a safe and eco-friendly manner. It only needs to be applied once a week, and in time, many of our customers’ operations have been able to lower their application frequencies, which further reduces their costs.  


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