Summary of SCD Bio Ag® Potato Trials

Increase Potato Yield

The Benefits of Using SCD Probiotics to Increase Potato Yields 

The beauty of using probiotics to increase yields in your potato farming operation is it's like having millions of microscopic workers out there in the field, working 24/7 to unlock key nutrients in the soil so your potatoes can better resist stress, disease, and pests and maximize their growth--putting their full energy towards larger yields with larger, more valuable vegetables. In this whitepaper, we report the results from our different potato farms who conducted side-by-side trials of SCD Bio Ag across 8 plots (4 plots used Bio Ag and 4 were control plots). Compared to the control plots, their results were:

  • Growers saw an average potato yield increase of 3,500 pounds (1or 1.75 ton) increase
  • An avg. 585% ROI with Bio Ag
  • Bio Ag application costs averaged $51.63 per acre

If you’re looking to use probiotics in there are a few applications:

  • As a pre-planting seed treatment
  • As treatment the day before planting and the day after planting

This quantitative data mirrors what we’re hearing anecdotally from our clients who are using the SCD Probiotics on their potato farms to increase yield. 



About Effective Microorganisms

Agricultural probiotics (also called effective microorganisms) are a mixture of beneficial microorganisms that typically come in liquid form. This liquid blend of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and more, can be used in various agriculture settings, and specifically on potato farms.







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