Summary of SCD Bio Ag™

Corn Silage Trials

Average Cost, Yield Increase, and ROI Data for Corn Silage Trials

The Benefits of Using SCD Probiotics in Corn Silage Farming 

SCD Bio Ag has been tried and tested by real growers and farmers across the world to prove out just how positively it can impact your ROI. In this whitepaper, we report the results from five different corn silage farms, where growers conducted side-by-side trials of SCD Bio Ag across 10 plots in Turkey (5 plots used SCD Bio Ag and 5 were control plots). Here are the highlights:

    • Bio Ag application costs averaged $22.55 per acre
    • Growers saw a 9,000-pound increase (or 4.5 tons), on average, in corn silage yield
    • Corn silage farmers earned, on average, a 1,081% return on investment (ROI) with their SCD Bio Ag applications. One grower saw a 1,586% ROI.

How Probiotics Can Boost Your Corn Silage Crop Yield

Want to see the detailed results and yields? Download the white paper to see the reports from all participating farms



When and Where to Use Effective Microorganisms like Bio Ag on Corn

As you can see above, adding SCD Bio Ag to your corn operation is a simple, economical way to boost corn silage yields. It’s easy to apply too: SCD Bio Ag can be sprayed or incorporated into irrigation.

Corn silage farmers have used SCD Bio Ag:
  • As a pre-planting soil treatment 
  • At germination time 
  • When plants are about 4-5 inches tall
This quantitative data mirrors what we’re hearing anecdotally from our clients who are using the SCD Probiotics on their corn silage farms: they’re seeing SCD Bio Ag increase their yields and reduce crop stress from temperature and water. Plus better seed germination, faster plant development, and bigger and taller ears.


About Effective Microorganisms

Effective microorganisms (aka probiotics) are a mixture of beneficial “bugs,” called microorganisms, that typically come in liquid form. It’s a living blend of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and others that can be used for a variety of ag applications, including in corn silage farming.

SCD Bio Ag, specifically, is produced through a natural fermentation process—it is not chemically synthesized, genetically engineered or modified.

Another perk of SCD Probiotics is that SCD Bio Ag is certified OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute) as safe for use in organic production. All SCD products are manufactured in Kansas City, USA under strict quality control standards.

How Probiotics Can Boost Your Corn Silage Crop Yield

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