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The Benefits of Using SCD Probiotics in Sugar Beet Farming

Applying the live probiotics in SCD Bio Ag to your soil and sugar beets fills root zones with microbial communities who naturally “spoon-feed” your crop 24/7, on-demand, and help unlock soil and atmospheric nutrients--helping your crops maximize growth, yield per acre, and quality and saving you money on inputs. SCD Bio Ag can also help increase your crops’ resistance to stress, disease, and pests. In this whitepaper, we report the results from fifteen different sugar beet farms that conducted side-by-side trials with SCD Bio Ag across 30 plots (15 plots used Bio Ag and 15 were control plots) in Turkey. Compared to the control (check) plots, these were their results:

  • Growers saw an average 7,620-pound increase (or 3.81 ton) in, on average, in sugar beet yield.
  • Sugar beet farmers saw an avg. 1,183% ROI with Bio Ag. ROI for one grower was 2,781%.
  • At harvest, there was a 6.53% increase in sugar content in the sugar beets. The average sugar content in the control/check plots was 14.85% versus 15.82% average for the treated sugar beets.
  • Bio Ag application costs averaged $26.99 per acre

If you’re looking to add probiotics to your sugar beet operation and improve your sugar beets yield per acre, specifically SCD probiotics, there are a few ways you can use them: 
  • As a pre-planting soil treatment
  • During leafing periods (2-4 leaves, 6-8, and most commonly 8-10)
Our sugar beet farmers have been successful in increasing yield per acre when they’ve applied it as a spray or via irrigation. Both can be one-time applications.
How Do Effective Microorganisms Optimize Sugar Beet Crop Yield Case Study Download
Example of Increased Sugar Beets Yield Per Acre

Other benefits our growers see include: 

  • Taller, greener plant body
  • More uniform root structure
  • Less crazy root (Rhizomania spp.)
  • Less leaf spot (Cercospora spp.)



The quantitative data in this report mirrors what we’re hearing anecdotally from our clients who are using the SCD Probiotics on their sugar beet farms. 


Certified Omri Listed LogoCertified OMRI Listed®
Another perk of SCD Probiotics is that SCD Bio Ag® is certified OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute) as safe for use in organic production. All SCD products are manufactured under high and strict quality control standards.



About Effective Microorganisms

Effective microorganisms (aka probiotics) are a living mixture of beneficial “bugs,” called microorganisms, that typically come in liquid form. It’s a blend of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and others that can be used for a variety of ag applications, including in tomato farming. 

SCD Bio Ag®, like all SCD Probiotics products, is produced through a natural fermentation process—it is not chemically synthesized, genetically engineered, or modified.

SCD Bio Ag® is also certified OMRI Listed® (Organic Materials Review Institute) as safe for use in organic production--helping you meet both organic certification requirements and your needs for crop and field treatment. All SCD products are manufactured in Kansas City, USA under strict quality control standards.


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