Do I Need Soil Microbes for Gardening?

Ever wondered if you really need soil microbes for your garden? Well, the answer is a big YES! Most homestead gardeners know that soil microbes, like bacteria and fungi, are crucial for achieving a healthy and productive garden. They break down organic matter, release essential nutrients, and improve soil structure, all of which help plants grow and thrive.

Role and Use of Soil Microbes in Gardening

One of the easiest ways to introduce beneficial microbes is by using soil microbe inoculant products directly in the garden. But you need to choose a diverse mix of microorganisms that can survive and function in their role in the soil. At SCD Probiotics, we have a patented blend of beneficial microbes called SCD Bio Ag that repopulates plants’ root zones with microorganisms and converts nutrients into more plant-available forms. This results in healthier, more productive soil that actively supports your plants’ health and success.

Organic and synthetic fertilizers

Adding Organic Matter while Reducing Chemical Inputs

Adding organic matter is also a factor for the food source of microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria that live there. However, while it adds support to beneficial microbes and improves soil health, it may not always be sufficient on its own. Additional soil inputs like adding soil microbe inoculants may be necessary for some situations to address specific soil deficiencies, improve soil structure, or promote disease suppression. These additional inputs refine the overall process, leading to a more balanced and diverse ecosystem. Along the way, you also need to reduce or eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides in your gardening practices to create a more natural and chemical-free environment for sustainable soil where microbes can permanently thrive.

Beneficial Bugs and Insects

Doing the above promotes soil health and plant growth while attracting beneficial bugs and insects. They control harmful pests, pollinate plants, and even break down organic matter in the soil. Creating a welcoming environment for these insects to thrive.

lady bug in soil

So, as a homestead gardener, it's crucial to regularly integrate soil microbes into your gardening practices to be able to maintain a healthy and productive garden. Be sure to add soil microbe inoculant and organic matter, and reduce chemicals to a sustainable environment that encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms and insects. Are you ready to feel a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from your gardening efforts? Try our SCD Bio Ag today and experience the benefits for yourself. Happy gardening!



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