Companion Planting with Probiotics

Healthy plants start with healthy soil. At SCD Probiotics, we believe in harnessing the power of probiotics to unlock the full potential of your garden. Can companion planting with probiotics create a thriving ecosystem for plants?

Improve Soil Health with Companion Planting and Probiotics

Companion planting with probiotics is a natural way to improve soil health and create a thriving plant ecosystem. Our probiotics are designed to work in harmony with other plants, improving soil microbiomes and helping plants absorb more nutrients and water. Planting compatible plants like legumes (snap peas or green beans) are great choices to grow with potato or corn plants as they provide the needed nitrogen or aid in fixing nitrogen in the soil.

Boost Plant Growth with Probiotics

Our probiotics are formulated to help plants reach their full potential. By improving soil health, our probiotics help plants grow bigger, healthier, and more productive. While adding probiotics promotes root growth and nutrient absorption, you can also improve plant health and vitality by co-planting certain vegetables, legumes, herbs and flowers together. Corn and squash are good companion plants, as cornstalks give squash vines a place to grow. Carrots and tomatoes go well together, also. Carrots are heat sensitive, and tomato plants can provide the shade they need, while carrots aerate the soil around the roots of tomato plants for more air and water. Cabbage family plants go well with potatoes due to their shallow root systems that won’t compete for space/nutrients with potatoes.

Natural Pest Control with Companion Planting

Companion planting also provides natural pest control by creating a diverse ecosystem that attracts beneficial insects and repels harmful pests. Our probiotics can help boost your plants' immune system, making them more resilient to insect damage and diseases. Both are building a natural pest control system; what more could you ask? We have summarized companion planting guidelines to make your garden management easier. The guide shows that basil and tomatoes always go together. Basil helps tomatoes produce greater yields by repelling aphids, flies, and mosquitoes. Marigolds and nasturtiums are good at repelling nematodes, beetles, and other garden pests.


Companion planting with probiotics is a powerful way to create a thriving ecosystem for your garden. Choosing the right companion plants and probiotics helps improve soil health, boost plant growth, and provide natural pest control. Try our SCD Bio Ag and see the benefits!

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